Ways to keep your home safe while you are away on holiday this December


MetroWorksDoors have been helping families with security for almost 20 years. Here are a few helpful reminders about how to keep your property safe over the holiday season while you are away.

House Sitters

Getting a house sitter in is a great idea while you are away. It doesn’t have to cost you much at all! Some housesitters will even do it for free. You can find professional housesitters online using a number of platforms to either advertise their home, or people looking for homes to sit. Visit www.mindahome.com.au or www.happyhousesitters.com.au

Regular Visitor

If having a house sitter in your home is not your cup of tea, ask a neighbour or trusted friend or family member to spend some time at your home while you are away. They can take the mail out of the letter box and water the plants every couple of days. This activity also warns people off.

Leave a light on

Leaving a light in the hallway or a bedroom on is also a great deterrent to criminals. When they see a light on they will assume the house is not vacant.

Electricity Timer

Purchase an electricity timer

Set up a timer to the lamp or light in your front room near the windows. If a light comes on every night, possible intruders will see that someone is home and stay away. Electricity timers can be purchased from electrical stores or Bunnings. They are not expensive and range in price $20 - $50 depending on the brand. You can program individual days to have appliances such as lights or television turn on and off automatically.

These are all simple things to help with security while you are away. We hope you can implement some of them and stay safe. And we also wish you all a fabulous & safe holiday wherever you may be heading this year.

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