Metroworks tips on staying safe

Its not a pleasant subject, but unfortunately its a conversation you need to have. The unsavoury elements of society are sometimes unavoidable and its good to be prepared in case they come your way.

Metroworks Security Doors Melbourne Victoria Australia

One of the best deterrents for an intruder is none other than 'Mans Best Friend' our trusty Canines. They are alert to strangers and their bark often keeps intruders away. There are some other things you can do to be prepared for the worst. Here are some more tips on helping you to stay safe from intruders while you are at home;

Call emergency services as quickly as possible

Call as soon as you realise that something isn’t right, even if you can hear strange noises persist or you see someone lurking around the house. Your local police services will come to your aid quickly and help you with the intruder.

Have an escape plan

Just like the fire escape you have for your home, find a safe and easy way to exit your house and go get help if you are in danger. Practice this and refresh your memory regularly. If modifications happen to your home, modify your plan!

Protect yourself early with security doors and windows.

The idea of having to prepare yourself against intruders in your own home does sound quite terrible. The truth is though that this could very well happen and you need to be safe! Having secure doors and windows is the first line of defence in keeping out unwanted intruders.

Metroworks have been installing security doors and windows in the Norther Suburbs of Melbourne for more than 10 years and our windows can protect you before any of this happens. We offer a door to door service where we come to you, discuss your needs and offer advice on materials and colours. We provide a free measure quote and make your doors to order in our factory then install it for you. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your home has the security you desire.

Email Metro Works at or call Metroworks on 0408 288 100 to discuss the range of security doors and windows that will suit you and your home. Do it now, as their experience in security doors is second to none.

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