Metroworks security doors Melbourne security door manufacturer

Security Screen doors are flashy, sleek and stylish


They look fantastic on the new modern homes being built in Melbourne and they come in a range of colours.  


This is done with just a single panel of mesh, which is heavy-duty! It cannot be pierced, keeping the unwanted people out, and giving you peace of mind. Keeping it the strongest it can be, these doors can only be paired with Galvanised, Perforated or Stainless Steel Mesh.



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Metroworks security doors Melbourne security door manufacturer
Metroworks security doors Melbourne security door manufacturer

Colonial Doors

This style is used to compliment the individual look of your home.


If you own one of the older or Federation Style homes in Melbourne, there is a large range of these Colonial doors to choose from. As good as they look with their wide openings, these are considered as more of a heavy duty barrier door then a security door.






Concertina Doors

If you have that large entertaining area out the back that you want to be covered, this style will be perfect for you!


The bi-fold and French doors not only act as security, but they keep the insects out when you’re trying to entertain. The Concertina doors are fully retractable, which feature an automatic, magnetic closing latch that seal completely.



It is not hard work; they are extremely easy to clean and use! Don’t stress! These doors can be attached to both new and existing door frames.  As if these options are not enough, you can choose from our different ranges of mesh and colours.

Metroworks security doors Melbourne security door manufacturer

Diamond Grille


Doors to give you privacy & peace of mind


These Diamond Grille doors are known for their unique diamond pattern on the outer face, which is well known and liked and is the most popular choice for Melbourne homeowners. 


Not only is the look of it appealing, the small openings of the Diamond Grill design makes it difficult to enter through the mesh.


Because of this feature, the door is considered a security door and is typically paired with DVA (privacy) mesh.