Its still cold outside, but it wont be for long! With Spring just around the corner we thought we'd share two important tips on getting ready for the warmer weather.

  • Over winter the outside of your home has taken a beating from the harsh winter. Take a walk around your home and examine window coverings including your fly screens. If you can take them off it is a good time to give them a wash down and check for holes. With the warmer weather will come more insects so your fly screens are the best defence against unwanted pests in you home.

  • Check your interior systems such as your ventilation and air conditioning systems. Dusting down your air filters before you turn on your air conditioners can help keep the air cleaner. If you have replaceable filters its a good idea to replace them every few years. And getting your air conditioner serviced now is a great time to beat the rush as service people will be busy in the new season.

Have a WONDERFUL spring time everyone. We are looking forward to the sunshine as much as you.

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