Keeping Homeowners Safe In Wallan  


The beautiful estates of Hidden Valley and Wallara Waters are attracting many new residents to Wallan and lifestyle Wallan offers.  The great outdoors are seen all around with the beautiful hills of Kinglake in the background.  The Hume Hwy is on the doorstep and gets you into the city within an hour and the metropolitan train line is due to be extended out the Wallan making it a desirable location. 

Have you just bought your first home in Wallan? Maybe you are experienced in the art of buying and selling homes. Are you experienced in keeping your property as safe as possible though? Even the quieter towns are becoming more subjected to crime. With break-ins to properties on the rise throughout Victoria, it is important to make sure you and your home are safe.


Keep your home in Wallan safe


Even though you think you trust the people of Wallan, you can not be too careful. Here are some ways to make sure that your home is as safe as it can be from break ins;

  • Always lock your front door immediately when you enter and exit the house. This becomes a habit then and you wont have to think twice when you are at work whether you locked the door or not.

  • Do a regular scan of the property to see if there are any possible entrances or changes to the property that could be visible from the outside.

  • Have high fences or closing gates at the front of the property that warn people off.

  • If you have dogs, have signage displayed to also warn off people from entering the property.

  • Install security cameras on the front of the house

  • Make sure you keep your valuables hidden from the windows.

If you are still worried or some of these aren’t applicable to your home, not to worry, Metro Works can help.

Let us take a look at some of the advantages of security doors for Wallan Residents

MetroWorksDoors and their services have so many advantages, and they can provide them to you efficiently and effectively with a wide variety of colour options, materials, locks, opening side, handle height and overall strength. You can get a free measure and quote, which is an excellent beginning the list of benefits. Let’s have a look at some of their other benefits.


Added value to your home

If you ever want to sell , having a security door is an appealing feature to potential buyers and could bump up your asking price.




Visually enhance your home


At Metro Works, there is a wide range of styles, doors, mesh and colours, which means that it can suit your home and be unobtrusive and safe whilst enhancing the look of your home.


Intruder deterrent


The extra layer of security and the top-notch material used makes the front door near on impossible to break through, and acts as a much stronger deterrent for criminals.