Sunbury, Diggers Rest

Security Doors for the new communities of Diggers Rest & Sunbury 

Victorians hoping to build their dream home can look to the Melbourne's northwest fringe with the opening up of land near Sunbury & Diggers Rest. 

 Whichever estate you choose to live in, you will want to ensure your new home and family will be safe with the best quality security screen doors! Talk to MetroWorksDoors about the right security doors for your home. 


Keep your new home safe from intruders with MetroWorksDoors

We have the right Security Door to suit your new home 


What is the Next Step?

If you are interested in protecting your family and your home through security doors and windows, but overwhelmed with all the brands, providers, colours, styles, materials and designs, we can help.


As a boutique provider, over the last dozen years Sam, the owner and founder of MetroWorksDoors has custom made and installed thousands of security doors and windows, to homeowners all over the Northern Suburbs. You can call him directly on 0408 288 100, to chat through your options or arrange a time for him to come out and do an in-home consultation at your new home, carefully and thoroughly explaining the different materials, colours, pros and cons of each offering.

What do we offer?

  • Security doors

  • Modern look

  • Single panel mesh

  • Heavy duty quality  

  • Range of colours & styles


Metroworks Security Doors
We have a track record of over 12 years delivering high quality security doors that we manufacture from our factory in Campbellfield. We have installed thousands of doors for satisfied clients all over the Northern Suburbs. 

Modern & Stylish Security Doors to protect your home

If you've just built your dream home  in Sunbury or Diggers Rest, the modern security door is a good choice as they are visually appealing and it leaves a completely unobstructed view of the front door.

If you are concerned about safety more than anything, our security doors could be the one for you.


Your home is worth protecting  with a good quality Australian Made Security Doors made from the best quality, long lasting materials.  Our doors are custom made with just a single panel of mesh, which is heavy duty! It cannot be pierced, keeping the unwanted people out, and giving you peace of mind. Keeping it the strongest it can be, these doors are paired with Galvanised, Perforated or Stainless Steel Mesh.




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