You're on top of the World in MT Ridley with your MetroWorks Doors Security Doors & Screens


Look at that View!  Mt Ridley certainly brings the WOW factor. But did you realise that it is also a prime target for thieves? The beautiful & flashy homes of Mt Ridley in Melbourne's North are a drawcard to those who seek to break in and steal.   But you can stop them in their tracts by installing security doors and screens.  Metroworks Doors have been installing high quality Australian Made Doors from their local factory direct to the residents of Mt Ridley.   You can trust Metroworks Doors to measure and install the right door for your home.  Metro Works, we are professionals in the business of keeping the unwanted out, and more importantly, making you feel safe in your own home.

Why choose Metroworks Doors for your home?

Metroworks Doors is a 100% family-owned business, so they know what is important to you. Using nothing but the highest quality materials to secure your home in Mt Ridley with strong sturdy doors and windows. Your safety is their highest priority, but so is the aesthetics of the doors you select.  With a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, you are assured of the perfect fit. 


We come to you! 


Metroworks Doors will come to your home in Mt Ridley and discuss the security door solutions to make sure you are safe and protected, before anything happens to you or your home.


Added value to your home

If you ever want to sell, having a security door is an appealing feature to potential buyers and could bump up your asking price.




Visually enhance your home


At Metro Works, there is a wide range of styles, doors, mesh and colours, which means that it can suit your home and be unobtrusive and safe whilst enhancing the look of your home.


Intruder deterrent


The extra layer of security and the top-notch material used makes the front door near on impossible to break through, and acts as a much stronger deterrent for criminals.



Having started the business from scratch over 15 years ago, MetroWorksDoors have custom manufactured and installed thousands of doors for satisfied clients all over the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. 

What do we offer?

  • Security doors

  • Modern look

  • Single panel mesh

  • Heavy duty quality  

  • Range of colours & styles



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