Security Doors for the Keilor Community 


Keilor is a well established, family friendly community with a love of the outdoors. Keilor has many lovely places to picnic, walk the dogs, play golf and enjoy the sunshine.  Protecting your home while you are out and about is a high priority and so is choosing the best quality security screens and doors that not only protect your home and family, but also enhance and beautify your home. 

Keeping your home and property safe with security screens is a great way to add a special touch to your home. 


Keep your home in Keilor safe from intruders


Here are some ways to make sure that your home is as safe as it can be from break ins;

  • Remember to always lock your front door immediately when you enter and exit the house. If you make it a habit you wont have to think twice when you are at work whether you locked the door or not.

  • Regularly check the property to see if there are any possible entrances or changes to the property that could be visible from the outside.

  • Periodically check that your locks are working properly. 

  • If you have dogs, have signage displayed to also warn off people from entering the property.

  • Security cameras at the front of the home are a great intruder deterrant.

  • Make sure you keep your valuables hidden from the windows.

If you are still worried or some of these aren’t applicable to your home, not to worry, Metroworks can help.


What we can bring to you in Keilor

We will come to you, and we certainly have you covered. Our security doors and windows come in a wide variety to suit every taste and budget.   With more then 12+ years experience, you can be assured that Metroworks are the right choice for you. 



Added value to your home

If you ever want to sell , having a security door is an appealing feature to potential buyers and could bump up your asking price.




Visually enhance your home


At Metro Works, there is a wide range of styles, doors, mesh and colours, which means that it can suit your home and be unobtrusive and safe whilst enhancing the look of your home.


Intruder deterrent


The extra layer of security on your home acts as a strong deterrent for criminals. Don't make your home a target by not adding a layer of security such as screen doors and windows. 



Having started the business from scratch over 15 years ago, MetroWorksDoors have custom manufactured and installed thousands of doors for satisfied clients all over the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. 

What do we offer?

  • Security doors

  • Modern look

  • Single panel mesh

  • Heavy duty quality  

  • Range of colours & styles



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